About us, since 1869

The secret of Tuscan excellence.

Our art was officially born in 1869 with Francesco Soldi as a response to the architects of the time who wished to illuminate the facades of churches and buildings on special occasions.
Since then, generation after generation, we have handcrafted fireworks and our history. A deep sense of belonging permeates every corner of the artisanal hub.
Over the decades, the various members of the family have studied, researched and created side by side, firmly united by the respect and work ethic honouring the wisdom of those who came before us. This is perhaps the secret of the success of this unique Tuscan excellence.

Together with the environment.

Fireworks have been set alight since the dawn of time in an exotic and mysterious China, reaching Europe only thanks to Marco Polo who donated them to the old continent as a precious treasure. Fireworks were staged in European courts, by governments and cities to honour powerful marriages, auspicious births and successful wars. Symbol of festive jubilation but above all of power and wealth, explosive fires had the mystical power to transform night into day and symbolized the passage of war to peace: making Mars into Art.

We descend from a past traditional heritage of fireworks and we constantly look forward. We experiment with new blends to increase the potency, grace and safety of our artifacts.

Every single item carries with it the imprint of our hands. We want to minimize the environmental impact of our work and our artisanal production plant, unique in Tuscany, in the territory that belongs to us, stimulates us and allows us to devise solutions that are impossible to achieve with imported products. Thanks to this we have:
– reduced the production of waste from shows by investing in material regeneration systems
– introduced systems that have truly limited the use of plastics while maintaining products composed mainly of paper and cardboard
– substituted in the mixtures those substances harmful to the environment with other eco-sustainable ones
– we are also proud to state that the energy we use in our manufacturing plant comes entirely from renewable sources.

Even today, the experience combined with the enthusiasm of a rich and varied team, conducts the work of Pirotecnica Soldi with skilled hands, perfectly embodying and handing down the quality that has always distinguished this great company: vision, loyalty, professionalism, know-how and caution distinguish every gesture and every single operation of our sparkling art.

150 years
in the making.

Our constant commitment to the pursuit of ever greater quality never diminishes. Our combined enthusiasm is still everpresent, pure and vibrant towards this art that comes from a raw material and that manifests into bursts of awe and wonder.
Numerous awards have been received, especially in the context of International Fireworks Competitions that have pushed the company towards ever more ambitious goals, expanding the horizons of fireworks displays.

Ours is a ’heartisan’ profession which produces authentic happiness and amazement, which represents the most democratic of luxuries, an exclusive joy that is not denied in the eyes of anyone who is lucky enough to be present when the sparks fly.

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