Events, parties and displays
in Tuscany and all over the world.

We organize the largest part of our events throughout Tuscany, but we also operate throughout Italy and abroad for parties and events of all kinds and in any setting. Magical illuminations of Villas and Castles, elegant fountains floating on the water, large explosions on the surface of the sea, powerful and festive compositions in the cities. In fact, for years we have held the exclusivity for the fireworks displays of some of the most prestigious locations, also dealing with important events such as fashion shows and exclusive occasions.

Exclusive fireworks for every place and circumstance.

These alchemical mixtures of black and silver dust allow us to create fireworks designed in an absolutely exclusive way for every place and circumstance, carefully carving out and forging the best effects for the occasion for which they are required: from bright stars, lighting up into effervescent fountains and whimsical candles, all the way to glittering cascades of gold and thunderous bombs that light up the night.

We deal with a rather unusual raw material: gunpowder. An inestimable heritage of ideas, recipes and traditions that we have preserved and kept intact from the first spark, without ever losing sight of the ultimate goal of our work, the production of increasingly surprising displays, guaranteeing an explosion of wondrous emotions every time.

Firenze is our special place.

For more than thirty years the Pirotecnica Soldi family and team have been involved in the creation of the Explosion of the Cart on Easter Sunday, the most spectacular and heartfelt of Florentine traditions. Dating back to the 12th century, it foresees a papier mache’ dove lighting a wonderful multitude of fires and coloured smoke mounted on a centuries-old characteristic wooden structure right in front of the facade of the Florence Duomo Cathedral. A complex endeavour for us yet truly an eclectic and unique sight and experience we cherish.

Pirotecnica Soldi

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